UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2019 … The News is Not Good

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Charlie Wilson co-authored a chapter in the latest UNEP report on where we are likely to be in the future compared to where we need to be in order to meet Paris Agreement targets. These authoritative assessments of what has become known as the ’emissions gap’ are an annual report card issued to the international community. This latest one makes for salutary reading. Page 1 sets the tone: “The summary findings are bleak. Countries collectively failed to stop the growth in global greenhouse gas emissions … and there is no sign of emissions peaking in the next few years.” However the report does find some glimmers of hope in the 70 national pledges for strengthened action following the UN Global Climate Action Summit in September. These pledges now need to be turned into concrete commitments prior to CoP26 in Glasgow at the end of 2020. 


Image Attribution: UN Environment Programme