Increasing reliance on online farmers’ markets

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A key aspect of emissions reduction pathways is substitution – replacing high carbon goods and services with lower carbon alternatives. Within the food domain, two focus areas are: a) dietary change and b) sourcing food which has less emissions embodied in its production and transportationTo explore these themes, SILCI researcher Mark Wilson analysed the shopping baskets of 94 anonymised users of digital hubs for local food over 4 non-consecutive monthsThe above graph indicates that hub users are buying more of their weekly food shopping, as well as broader range of items, from their local hub. Moreover, they are buying more fresh vegetables. These insightinto how shopping behaviours are changing over time lay the foundations for further research into a potential reduction in emissions – due to shorter supply chains and eating more plant-based diet. Mark will approach these questions with interviews with hub customers and a synthesis of food supply chain life cycle analyses.