How we use energy is an often forgotten part of sustainable energy transitions

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Norway is an interesting test case for national energy transitions with an almost 100% zero-carbon electricity system (from hydro), the highest uptake of EVs anywhere in the world, and sizeable public resources for supporting energy innovation (largely accrued from fossil fuel rents!). Trondheim is the Norway’s answer to Silicon Valley, hosting a large and well known technical university (NTNU) and a wealth of start-ups. Charlie Wilson travelled up to Trondheim (by train) to give a keynote talk at the Energy Transitions Conference held each year. His talk on the importance of consumers and energy services stood out in the conference programme dominated by coal, oil, gas, grids and networks. You can see a video of the talk on the conference website by clicking on ‘Video and Presentation’ and scrolling down to Session 2.

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Image by Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, reproduced with permission.