How can diverse social sciences contribute to demand-side transformation?

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Charlie Wilson travelled to Potsdam outside sunny Berlin for a symposium on how to achieve the 1.5°C climate target. The symposium brought together IPCC lead authors, scenario modelling experts, and policy stakeholders to identify integral elements of 1.5°C decarbonisation pathways and how climate policy ‘entry points’ can drive transformative change. Together with Felix Creutzig at the Mercator Institute (MCC), Charlie convened a session on demand-side transformation. The session brought together diverse social science perspectives ranging from Nick Pidgeon’s work on UK public values for energy system change to Yves Marignac’s sufficiency scenario for a French low-carbon transition. The task of integrating these perspectives falls to Felix’s chapter on demand-side solutions in the forthcoming IPCC 6th Assessment Report!


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PEP1.5 symposium programme