Enablers and barriers to the development of Mobility-as-a-Service

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Currently a multitude of studies are being published on the implementation and development of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). MaaS is a digital platform which combines different private and public transport modes accessible through a single subscription payment. The progress of MaaS on a large scale has been slow even though we have seen a number of pilot studies such as the UbiGo pilot in Gothenburg, Sweden, but MaaS is still in its infancy. Karlsson et al. (2019) investigate how, and to what extent, different factors affect the development and implementation of MaaS, while Mukhtar-Landgren, D. & Smith (2019) and  Li (2019) use case studies to analyse the role of public authorities in the development of MaaS. Much is being written about MaaS, watch this space for more!