The importance of trust for adopters of peer-to-peer mobility innovations

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Last month, SILCI PhD researcher Laurie Kerr presented her work at the 7th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy (IWSE).  The workshop brought together researchers from many different disciplines and different parts of the world, and explored numerous complex issues related to the sharing economy.  Laurie presented some of her recent focus group findings, which delved into the importance […]

Designing transport of the future during British Science Week

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SILCI’s Laurie Kerr was invited to participate in a livestream outreach event with the London Transport Museum, as part of their British Science Week programme.  The fun and interactive workshop was aimed at primary school aged children, and challenged them to design a poster showing their visions of future, sustainable transport.  If you feel like getting […]

Digital diffusion and dissemination

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Post written by Emilie Vrain A strong focus of SILCI research has been to investigate the importance of different types of social influence in diffusing information about low carbon digital innovations. One key finding has been the importance of electronic word-of mouth (eWOM) between consumers. eWOM usually refers to content on social media and online forums, however, over the past year, another […]

Social influence and adoption

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Post written by Emilie Vrain Research conducted by the SILCI team provides new insights on the importance of social influence in the uptake of digital consumer innovations for climate change across mobility, food, homes and energy domains. Using nationally representative UK survey data (n=3000), we show that electronic word-of-mouth is the dominant mechanism of information exchange […]

SILCI data available

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Post written by Emilie Vrain As part of the SILCI project, a large online survey was conducted in both the UK and Canada. The survey’s aim was to understand consumers’ perceptions, communication behaviour, and adoption propensity towards a wide range of low-carbon innovations in four different consumer domains: transport, food, homes and energy. The survey instrument, datasets collected, and further information are now available […]

Increasing reliance on online farmers’ markets

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A key aspect of emissions reduction pathways is substitution – replacing high carbon goods and services with lower carbon alternatives. Within the food domain, two focus areas are: a) dietary change and b) sourcing food which has less emissions embodied in its production and transportation. To explore these themes, SILCI researcher Mark Wilson analysed the shopping baskets of 94 anonymised users of digital hubs for local food over 4 non-consecutive months. The above graph indicates that hub users are buying more of their weekly food shopping, as well as a broader range of items, from their local hub. Moreover, they are buying more fresh […]