Is your country moving away from gas and diesel cars?

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Many countries are now actively promoting electric vehicles and planning future bans on gas and diesel cars. Alongside alternative-fuelled vehicles, and potentially autonomous vehicles, a new multi-modal user-oriented concept called ‘Mobility-as-a-Service’ are opening up new choices for commuters and road users. Whether these alternatives to the internal combustion engine help reduce emissions depends on how […]

Floating farms…the future of local food?

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This thought-provoking article describes a proposal for a floating dairy farm in Rotterdam harbour. The innovation aims to address the scarcity of land in urban areas together with the insecurity of long supply chains. Although clearly innovative, there are open questions about how animal welfare would be managed (do cows like floating!?) and what the […]

Latest blockbuster novel features a host of disruptive low-carbon innovations

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Dan Brown’s new thriller, Origin, features a whole range of potentially disruptive low-carbon innovations! A personal supercomputer accessed via smartphone allows the protagonist to use ‘on-demand mobility’ across river, air, and road, with the final leg of the journey in a fully autonomous electric vehicle. The villain, meanwhile, escapes using an ‘Uber-style’ ride share. With […]

Car clubs & car sharing

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Car clubs and car sharing are examples of disruptive low carbon innovations relating to mobility. Car clubs such as Zipcar and Car2Go offer a pool of vehicles to members for use over short periods of time on an as-needs basis. Car sharing (or lift sharing) is the shared use of a private vehicle for a specific journey, particularly commuting. […]

Distributed generation-storage-demand response

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Distributed systems that combine solar PV, on-site battery storage, and demand response to utility or prices signals are an example of a disruptive low carbon innovation relating to electricity supply. These systems enable customers to ‘defect’ from the grid as the combination of generation, storage, and flexible demand can reduce or eliminate reliance on centralised electricity supply. These […]