These tomatoes are grown on the roof!

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A number of companies have started constructing large greenhouses on the roofs of buildings to produce food, such as Lufa Farms in Canada or Urban Farmers in the Netherlands. Here is the clever bit; not only do these greenhouses reduce the energy required to heat the building, but the residual heat from the building can be directed into the greenhouse to increase productivity. This is already happening in the Ecco Jȁger ‘integrated greenhouse’ in Switzerland. So your lettuce and tomatoes may […]

Floating farms…the future of local food?

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This thought-provoking article describes a proposal for a floating dairy farm in Rotterdam harbour. The innovation aims to address the scarcity of land in urban areas together with the insecurity of long supply chains. Although clearly innovative, there are open questions about how animal welfare would be managed (do cows like floating!?) and what the […]