The UK’s energy-­efficiency policy vacuum

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Since the cancellation of the Green Deal in 2015, the UK has lacked a national policy framework for boosting energy-efficient renovation rates in homes. By analysing data collected from large samples of would-be renovators, Charlie Wilson and Hazel Pettifor from the SILCI project team explain in a blog what needs to be done.

Strong regional variation in the uptake of low-carbon innovations

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New research published in Energy Policy identifies local hotspots and coldspots of energy-efficiency activity in response to the same national policy framework. Led by Craig Morton at Leeds University with the support of Charlie Wilson from the SILCI project, the research also found strong evidence of social influence effects through which high levels of activity […]

Workshop on disruptive low carbon innovations at ECEEE

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Around 20 participants of the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) Summer Study gave up an hour of their time on a sunny afternoon by the sea to come and discuss disruptive low carbon innovations. The mini-workshop focused on ranking innovations by their potential disruptiveness and their potential impact on CO2 emissions. Participants […]